It is very important to know how different spots impact the carpet, to create a solution. Dry spots damages the carpet fibres, however a regular vacuuming of the carpet would prevent this. Oily spots such as gums and resins accumulate dirt. As a result of this, the colour of the carpet turns into faded grey or brown. The original thing which spoils the appearance of the carpet is this oily spot, these spots penetrates in the fibres of the carpet and they are difficult to clean.

A. Routine Cleaning:

By a regular maintenance programme, it is possible to get rid of these spots before they penetrate into the carpet and damage it. A reparative maintenance can not ensure an extensive recovery of the carpet since it is too late. In order to avoid such a situation, the carpet needs a regular routine maintenance.

Vacuum cleaning: What should be paid attention in this process are the use of the correct tool and the good adjustment of the vacuum density while using such a tool.

As the recommended vacuum density, the parts which are densely used within the day should be cleaned by the vacuum cleaner every day. This type of places is dense locations such as lobbies, elevators, corridors and entrances. Less dense passage locations such as conference hall and offices should be cleaned by use of vacuum cleaner two or three times in a week.

The correct maintenance tool: Densely used regions should be cleaned by use of double engine vacuum cleaners. Less used parts should be cleaned by single engine vacuum cleaners and powerful cleaners which are easily capable of making manoeuvres around the furniture. Normal cleaners may be used in drawing the small parts on the carpet; however it is not possible to perform an extensive cleaning by use of only normal cleaners.

B. Deep Cleaning:

A wide variety of widely used cleaning method is applied also for carpets. It will be correct to select a cleaning method depending on the type and utility density of your carpet. Some agents which are used may lead to re-spotting, thus the selection of cleaning agent is an important factor in carpet cleaning. The retaining of the cleaning agent on the carpet fibres after the cleaning creates spots. The cleaning agent remaining in the carpet accumulates dirt and may lead to a bad appearance of the carpet.

C. Cleaning by Use of Hot Water:

Detergent and hot water is blown to the pile of the carpet. Then water and softened spot are cleaned from the carpet by use of powerful vacuum. Hot water is a method which is widely used and which is efficient in the deep cleaning of the carpet. The correct use of this method prevents any detergent remaining in the carpet which would create a spot again.

D. Dry Mixture:

This mixture which is laid on the carpet absorbs the spots and oil in the carpet. Then by means of a mechanical brush, spot residues are cleaned and then vacuumed. Since the moisture is not so much, drying period is short. It is important that while laying down the dry mixture prior to cleaning, it is distributed onto the carpet in an equal manner; otherwise different zones of the carpet are cleaned in different rates.

E. Foam Shampoo:

A dry foam is obtained by use compacted air. Foam is placed on the carpet by use pf a cylindrical rotating brush. Drying takes a short time since moisture has been used too little. In case detergent residues remain in the carpet, it will make spotting again and consequently the carpet will have a dirty and faded appearance