Having started to its activities in 1981, Hakan Carpet, continues its activities by leading innovations in its sector.

Our company, accelerating its steps in the way towards Institutionalization, maintains its activities rapidly in this direction.

In pursue of this, for the moment, the location of our company has been researched and a building land which is suitable for the establishment has been found and construction has been rapidly completed and production stage has been reached.


Our company, making use of the state-of-the-art products in a continuous manner, have performed examinations and researches on computer controlled carpet benches.

As a result of R&D studies, it has kept its activities in a decreasing manner with its first computerized carpet machines set up in 1999.

Our company which has increased its production capacity with a 50 % in 1999, at the moment has a carpet production capacity of 3.000.000 m2 per year.

Our capacity target for the years 2015 and 2016 has been raised to 5.000.000 m2 thus our company continuously develops itself and follows up the technology in a regular manner and maintains its transition to new systems. As Hakan Carpet, our principle is to produce the quality in a cheap manner.